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Universal Studios in The Age of Covid

This past weekend I did a random "staycation" in Orlando and took advantage of Universal Studio's deal for Florida residents. They currently have a promotion, until September 30, where you pay $164 for a ticket to both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventures and you can go back anytime until December 24th. For $29 more, you can add on Volcano Bay, but I wasn't interested in going to any water parks right now. ALSO, while doing my research right now I found out....

....DRUM ROLL....

Universal Studios is doing a MINI Halloween Horror Nights that is included in your day time admission!

They will have 2 haunted houses in Universal Studios, HHN merchandise and specialty food and trick-or-treating in Islands of Adventures for the kiddos! When I was there this weekend, they were doing a trial run to test if they were going to keep it open for sure, so I guess it worked! This mini HHN will be open September 26 & 27 and from October 3 to November 1. Don't forget to wear your costumes! (Click here to read more about this mini HHN, as well as regulations for the costumes.)

COVID-19 & Theme Parks

Now, moving away from promotions and HHN and onto Covid. I have been asked by many people how it was going to Universal during these Covid times. Honestly... not bad. I didn't mind wearing a mask all day outside, partly because it was raining, so it wasn't as hot as usual.

I also don't mind wearing a mask since I work in the hospital and have to wear a mask for 13 hours at a time. I know Florida doesn't usually cool down much in the "Fall", (I use that word loosely since we have no real fall here. Sad. ) but maybe we can expect not 80 degree weather so that it won't be so unbearable outside with a mask. In terms of waiting in line, that also wasn't too bad. The longest wait time was in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (of course) and that wasn't as bad it would be on a normal day without Covid. The ride was an estimated 2 hour and 15 minute wait, but we actually only waited an hour and a half. Universal has their own app where you can sign up for virtual lines (two rides at a time) and come back during your selected time. The only issue with this was attempting to pick a time because it kept saying unavailable, so I would have to constantly check for an opening. About two hours before the park was going to close, the app would show the wait time for those rides or you could still attempt to pick a virtual line time.

I wasn't able to go Islands of Adventures, so I am not sure how that side is doing. But I would imagine it is no different than Universal. When it comes to a rainy day, Universal is a better option because of the amount of indoor rides it has in comparison to Islands of Adventures.

Final Opinion

I don't think it is a terrible idea to go to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventures during this time. I personally think this is a great deal because Covid or not, theme parks are always packed and those lines are insane. Being able to go back to BOTH parks anytime between now and December 24th makes it so worth it. Unfortunately, we are living in a new "normal" and all we can do is stay safe and keep our distance, but still live our life, because we only have one. BUT WEAR YOUR MASKS!!

So, if you decide to go any theme park, don't forget your mask, sunscreen and to wash your hands frequently!

Stay safe everyone.

xoxo, Melanie

P.S. Don't forget to get butter beer, especially frozen. YUM

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